Bursary Application
To enable you to know whether you qualify for a Bursary before you take all the trouble to complete the application form, please see below and supply the vital information requested.
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Bursary Information:Select the specific Bursary you want to apply for:
FETC Bursary
Agricultural College Bursary
National Diploma Programmes (All) (Universities of Technology)
Degree Programmes (Universities): The Sasol Inzalo Foundation Bursary Programme (B Sc Maths and/or Science or B Sc Engineering or B Engineering)
Degree Programmes (Universities): All other sponsored bursaries for the following study programmes: B Com; B Business Science; B Sc Science and or Mathematics, B Sc Engineering, B Sc IT or Computer Science; Commercial LLB
University Degree Access Bursary (all programmes)

Latest School Results:
NSC / Matric Results: If you are currently in Grade 12 or busy with tertiary studies, please provide your latest (June / mid-year) results. If you are in Grades 8-11 please provide your latest results.

Note: A percentage value is needed for these fields, thus marks that show achievement levels need to be converted to percentages. Please use the drop-down list to indicate whether you did Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and English Home Language (HL) or English First Additional Language (FAL). Learners who did not present Physical Science as a subject will leave the Physical Science space blank. The same goes for Mathematics Paper 3. Other Subjects: Use the spaces provided to type the names of your other subjects, starting with your other language.



Other language and level (e. g. Tshivenda HL or IsiZulu FAL)